Third generation family business

Kjærtveit camping is a family business in third generation by the Hardangerfjord.
Cabins and apartments all year round, and camping from April to October. Walking distance to all facilities in Eidfjord centrum. Eidfjord is close to the fjord, and a short way to the Hardangervidda.
-Within a radius of 30 minutes by car you will find Måbødalen, Vøringsfossen, the Norwegian Nature Center, Kjeåsen and Mikkelparken. -Within a radius of 30 minutes on foot, you will find Galleri Bergslien, Vikingraves and church buildings from the Middle Ages as well as all facilities in Eidfjord.

About Eidfjord

Eidfjord is a municipality in Vestland county. The municipality borders in the north towards Ulvik, and in the south and west towards Ullensvang. Over the Hardangervidda, the municipality borders in the east on Hol and Nore and Uvdal municipalities in Viken county. Before the merger to Vestland county, Eidfjord belonged to Hordaland county. Eidfjord is located in the landscape Hardanger and includes the inner part of the Hardanger fjord, the valleys within, and the northwestern part of the Hardangervidda. The Eidfjorden is an arm of the Hardangerfjord, and the Simadalsfjord is again an arm of the Eidfjorden. The municipality's land area is 1382km2, and there were 915 inhabitants in December 2021.