Terms and conditions

It is not possible to prebook pitches for motorhomes, caravans and tents in advance. This might come into place by the 2023 or 2024 season. Reason is that 2022 is the first year with new rules for distance between units.  3 meters distance between units, have been an absolute requirement for the past 25 years. From 2022, there is a new nationwide regulation of 4 meters, and we have to think a little about how we should solve it.

We accept dogs and cats in motorhomes, caravans and tents. However, it is a requirement that you are able to control the dog regarding both behavior and noise. It is an absolute requirement that the dog is on a leash, since a person with anxiety for dogs will not experience any dog ​​as safe. We have four apartments where we accept dogs and cats. Contact us on +47 90681762 and find out.

If you need to cancel a cabin or apartment, you can do so by email to k-camp@outlook.com up to 24 hours before check-in; free of charge. If canceled after this, we will charge you for 40% of the entire booking. If you need documentation to use for the travel insurance in such cases, please contact us at the same email address.

We expect complete peace and quit at the campsite and in cabins / apartments at 23:00. This does not mean that everything is allowed before that time, and we hope our guests mutually find out what is best for most.

From experience (a family father had to pay 12,000NOK to replace a mirror on a motorhome) we have chosen to say no to ball games at the campsite. It is a short walk to a public ball area, and only a 10 minute walk to the sports field. Come and ask us about directions.

We do not like disposable grills, and rather have small grills that you can borrow. It is best if you grill at the prepared area down by the sea, but if you are going to grill by the tent / camper, you must have fire water easily accessible. You borrow a bucket or jug ​​from us for this. In some periods, the fire chief may have said no to all grilling, and other times I say no myself. Then I put a notice on the reception wall about this.

Due to the corona pandemic, we have closed the camping kitchen, TV room and a family room as well as the playhouse. By keeping the family room closed, the disabled toilet and shower are inaccessible.
We are sorry about this, but wheelchair users can contact us at the reception, and we try to find alternative solutions in apartments with wheelchair ramps when it is available there.

You will find a link to our infection control measures here.  

In the period 01.10.-31.05. has more favorable prices for craftsmen and contractors per week by contacting k-camp@outlook.com.